Mathematics CTET

Mathematics CTET MCQ 01 Which of the following is not an effective strategy to assess primary level students learning in Mathematics? Using primarily group administered tasks Designing tasks …

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Pedagogy Learning

Pedagogy Learning For CTET MCQ 01 Which of the following is a characteristic of a gifted learner? He can feel understimulated and bored if the class activities are …

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Ctet Child Development

CTET Child Development MCQ 01 Which one of the following best describes a teacher’s role? Creating a relaxed space where children learn through dialogue and inquiry Teacher’s most …

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Pedagogy Child Development

Pedagogy Child Development MCQ’S 01 Gender is a/an economic concept biological determinant psychological entity social construct Show Answer Option 4 – social construct 02 Which of the following …

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Child Development & Pedagogy MCQ

CDP MCQ – Child Development Pedagogy 01 The most critical period of acquisition and development of language is pre-natal period early childhood middle childhood adolescence Show Answer Option …

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