light mcq class 10

According to corpuscular theory of light the rectillinear propagation of light is explained by the 1. Straight line motion of corpuscles 2. Vibratory motion of corpuscles 3. Rotatory motion of corpuscles 4. Difference in the sizes of corpuscles

According to Newton's corpuscular theory of light, the various colours of light are due to 1. The definite sizes of the corpuscles 2. The difference in the size of corpuscles 3. The difference in the velocity of light for different dispersive media 4. None of these

The quanta of radiation are called 1. Particles 2. Photons 3. Waves 4. None of these

The theory according to which light is treated as consisting of quanta of radiation called 'photons, is 1. Newton's corpuscular theory of light 2. Huygen's wave theory of light 3. Modern quantum theory 4. Maxwell's electromagnetic theory