MCQ Questions on Kinematics

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MCQ Questions on Kinematics. We covered all the MCQ Questions on Kinematics in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

We also covered some other topics like our universe, measurement of length, and elementary number theory in the related posts section below. Make sure you also check them and practice well for the exam.

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Kinematics Practice Bits for School Students

The rate of distance covered is called

1. acceleration

2. displacement

3. velocity

4. speed

Option 4 – speed

Rate of change of velocity is called

1. displacement

2. momentum

3. acceleration

4. speed

Option 3 – acceleration

An example of a scalar

1. velocity

2. force

3. displacement

4. mass

Option 4 – mass

The change in the position of a body in a specified direction is called

1. velocity

2. displacement

3. deceleration

4. speed

Option 2 – displacement

Choose the physical quantity different from others

1. speed

2. deceleration

3. density

4. time

Option 2 – deceleration

Choose the physical quantity different from others.

1. weight

2. force

3. uniform velocity

4. mass

Option 4 – mass

A vertically projected body travels with

1. retardation

2. acceleration

3. uniform velocity

4. uniform speed

Option 1 – retardation

This a vector quantity

1. force

2. time

3. volume

4. temperature

Option 1 – force

We covered all the MCQ questions on kinematics in this post above so that you can practice well for the exam.

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