Phosphorus and its Compounds MCQ with Answers

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Phosphorus and its Compounds MCQ with Answers. We covered all the Phosphorus and its Compounds MCQ with Answers in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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MCQ on Phosphorus and its Compounds for Students

The temperature at which the electrical furnace is manufactured in the extraction of phosphorus is

1. 2400°C

2. 3200°C

3. 3000°C

4. 1500 °C

Option 4 – 1500 °C

The ignition temperature of white phosphorus

1. 35°C

2. 44°C

3. 417°C

4. 280°C

Option 1 – 35°C

The smell of white phosphorus is

1. rotten eggs

2. fishy

3. pungent

4. garlic

Option 4 – garlic

Boiling point of white phosphorus

1. 417°C

2. 280°C

3. 200°C

4. 295°C

Option 2 – 280°C

Bones contain

1. calcium nitrate

2. calcium phosphate

3. calcium chloride

4. calcium fluoride

Option 4 – calcium fluoride

Bone ash contains …….. percent of calcium phosphate

1. 85

2. 50

3. 62

4. 48

Option 1 – 85

The important ore of phosphorus is

1. Bauxite

2. Phosphorite

3. Gypsum

4. Haematite

Option 2 – Phosphorite

We covered all the phosphorus and its compounds MCQ with answers above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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